Hand Crafted Aromatherapy Bath Bars:
Ferina's 4 and 6 ounce hand crafted Artistic unique soaps are 'loaded' with emollieint oils, pure vitamin oils, fresh herbs, flowers & spices, finely ground organic rolled oats, pure natural honey and blended with hints of essential oils to satisfy your all of your Therapeutic and Aromatherapy needs. Surround your bath regime with a little Magic!
$5.99 & $6.99 each / 3 for $15 / 5 for $25  
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  Essentially Ferina Aromatherapy  
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 Each product in our collection is hand crafted and designed
 with Artistic Aromatherapy precision,
 to ensure that you are getting an original, all natural product
 that you require, desire and deserve!
Our products only contain 100% Therapeutic grade essential oils, pure moisturizing carrier oils of Extra Virgin Olive, Almond,
 Castor, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Safflower and Evening Primrose,
 organic herbs, flowers, seeds and exotic spices,
 pure Vitamin oils of A, C, E, Flax Seed and Beta Carotene,
 pure honey and organic rolled oats.
 Every hand crafted unique bath bar, Chakra and Therapeutic/Aromatherapy bath and body oil blend and Soy Candle has been designed specifically for your ultimate desires, skin care and cell renewal and to fulfill each of your essential Aromatherapy needs. 
 "FUN ~ DROPS" Bath Pouf  'Soap On A Rope'
A fun twist on the traditional 'soap on a rope'.
Eight ounces of clear glycerin soap, extra virgin Olive oil & exfoliating bath pouf All-In-One!
View the various array of colors and delicious flavors we have to offer.
Makes the perfect 'one of a kind' gift!
$9.99 each / 2 for $16  
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Synergistic Aromatherapy & Therapeutic 
Essential Oil  Blends (For Mind, Body & Spirit)
A beautiful two ounce frosted glass bottle filled with nutrient rich safflower oil, fresh herbs, flowers, exotic spices and essential oil blends to aid in all of your Aromatherapy needs.
Use a few drops in your steamy bath, or 'pulse point', simply rub a few drops onto the back of the neck and wrists for desired effects. This bottle will last you for a while... 
A little Aromatherapy magick goes a long way!
2 ounce glass bottle: $19.99 each or 2 for $35
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 'After Dark' 
Neck and De'collete' Cell Renewal and Firming Cream

'After Dark' Specialty Cream ~ $9.99 each         

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"Ferina's Facials" Skin Cell Renewal Beauty Bars:
I ask you,"Why age gracefully?"...
I say, "Fight it every step of the way!"
Our phenomenal line of facial beauty bars are made for each individuals needs. Whether it be acne prone skin, normal to oily or fine lines and wrinkles for maturing skin. We use the finest fresh herbs and flowers, then gently blend them with nutrient rich oils, hints of essential oil blends and finely ground rolled oats for a gentle and natural exfoliation.
Once you try your first "Ferina's Facials" rejuvenating beauty bar, you won't only look and feel better... you'll definitely be back for more! Beautifully wrapped for you!
$7.99/two 2 oz. bars      
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All of our original synergistic essential oil blends in a convenient .35 ounce Roll-On!
Perfect size for your evening out, purse, locker, car, backpack, carry on and more!
An essential for everyone!
.35 ounce Roll-On Oil Blend
$7.99 / 2 for $15.00
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"Roll-On" Body Oil Blends:
Namaste'~ Chakra balance is achieved one Chakra at a time...
Focus, balance and activate your energy center with our seven Chakra Synergistic Essential Oil Blends: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown...
Choose one, three or all seven if needed or desired...
Two ounce frosted glass bottle with dropper-$19.99 ea. / 2 for $35.00
.35 ounce glass Roll-On-$7.99 ea. / 2 for $15.00
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"Chakra" Synergistic Essential Oil Blends:

Handcrafted All Natural Soy Candles~
(Aromatherapy and "Country Kisses" Collection):
All of our Hand Crafted Candles are made to order and are only made with the finest all natural Soy wax, Essential Oils, Fragrant oils, Herbs and Flowers. We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 5-7 business days.

Aromatherapy Soy Candles Available in a 4 ounce Mason Jar-
"Country Kisses" Soy Candles Available in 8 ounce or 17 ounce Mason Jars-
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All Natural Aromatic Mat Cleaners/Refreshers

Need to look no any further!!!
The perfect yoga & exercise mat cleaner/refresher is here!
No more unpleasant scented cleaners will do once you've tried our all natural aromatic blends...
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All Natural Exfoliating Sea Salt & Sugar Body Scrubs

​All natural organic Sea salts, Sugars, Essential oils, organic Herbs, Flowers and Spices to naturally exfoliate rough dry skin to bring back your healthy Glow!
Available in 4 ounce and 12 ounce jars-
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​All natural Mediterranean Kosher Sea salt, Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, pure Essential oils, organic Herbs, Flowers and Spices to naturally bring you back to wellness.
Available in 12 ounce jar-
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Aromatherapy Bath Soaks

Crystal Gemstone Healing Earrings

These all natural brilliantly colored gemstone and crystal earrings aid to finding protection, love, assistance, confidence, faith and timeless inspiration with a beautiful eloquent accessory item to keep with you at all times.
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