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"It's The Bomb!"... 
Essential Oil 'Fizzy' Bath Bombs

Create a Spa like environment right in your own home with our "It's the Bomb" essential oil Bath Bombs!

Bath bombs are a pleasant & amusing way to add excitement to your sensations while indulging in the pure benefits of essential oils and rich organic Almond oil.
They are delightful to use, and are loved by both children and adults alike: because actually, who doesn't simply adore a bath that sparkles with effervescence!?!?

Even if you do not have a bath tub, our amazing bath bombs can still be effective in the shower. The running water will help dissolve the bath bomb and release the aromatic essential oils into the billowy steam.

"It's the Bomb!" bath bombs are only created and handcrafted with the finest, purest and all natural ingredients of baking soda, citric acid, organic Almond oil, essential oils and organic flowers and herbs.

Simply drop your bath bomb into your warm, steamy bath and watch it fizz and release the beautiful flowers and herbs into the water, and deeply inhale the intoxicating aroma of the essential oils. When in your bath, soak and drench your skin in the richness of pure Almond oil and rub directly into your skin!
Your skin with feel softer after each bath bomb use due to the all natural skin softening properties of Almond oil and baking soda and are available in four Lush, delectable aromas to satisfy every need or desire: 

*"TNT"~Muscle Ache Relief/Eye Opener: Our eye opening essential oil blend of Ginger, Peppermint, Black Pepper and Eucalyptus infused with organic Ginger Root, Peppermint & Eucalyptus Leaves will relieve sore, achy and overworked muscles with each long soak!
*"Bombshell"~Rosy, Soft & Lovely: Our romantic floral essential oil blend of Primrose and Geranium infused with organic Red Rose Flowers and Petals will turn any moment into a time for romance!
*"Lavender Grenade"~Popping with Lavender: Our soothing, intoxicating essential oil blend of French Lavender and Lavender infused with organic French Lavender Flower Buds will enhance your mood, lift your spirits and soothe your senses!
*"Molotov Cocktail"~Lemon & Chamomile Explosion: Our explosive essential oil blend of Lemongrass and Roman Chamomile infused with organic Egyptian Chamomile Flower Buds will soothe and release the stress from your overworked day!
*Midnight Jasmine"~ Blasting with Jasmine: Our intoxicating infusion of Jasmine Absolute essential oil with added herbal benefits form organic Jasmine flower buds will blast your daily stress away!

Choose your Favorite "It's the Bomb!":
4 ounce bath bomb
$3.50 each or 5 for $15.00

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Select Your "It's the Bomb!" Bath Bomb for $3.50:

Select Your Five "It's the Bomb!" Bath Bombs for $15.00:

As with any bath addition, please wipe down bath tub and shower after each use for safety -
Bath Bomb contains pure organic almond oil
"Lavender Grenade"
"Mololov Cocktail"
"Midnight Jasmine"